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155% Increase in Traffic

SEO strategy for organic traffic and conversion growth. is a leading load board and freight management software solution for carriers and brokers. The company partnered with Virayo to build out a targeted SEO strategy that would help scale content creation, and ultimately drive more organic traffic, leads and sales to the business.


  • Scale monthly SEO content output by 50%
  • Grow to 100,000+ non-brand organic visitors a month
  • Increase monthly organic leads by 50%


  1. Audit and optimize – The Virayo team performed a technical content audit to identify opportunities for improving existing content. We recommended that underperforming assets — with no traffic, links, engagement, or conversion potential — be consolidated to reduce sitewide competition for similar keywords.
  2. Keyword research and mapping – Virayo’s SEO experts conducted extensive keyword research and found new and existing opportunities for both the Carrier and Broker personas.  We qualified, prioritized, and assigned a content type for each keyword — product page, solution page, competitor landing page, blog post, etc. — to ensure the best chance of ranking highly, as fast as possible.
  3. Content briefing and review – We created detailed content briefs each month for’s writing team. Each brief contained primary and secondary keyword targets, word counts, detailed content outlines, and reference links to help scale SEO content production.  In addition to the content outlines, Virayo reviewed each draft and provided on-page recommendations related to secondary and semantic keyword inclusions, internal link placements, URL structure, and title guidance.
  4. Link building – We analyzed the site after every batch of content went live and provided a list of internal link opportunities for new and existing content.  Virayo also used a number of tactics to build topically-relevant backlinks to key pages on the site. This strategy helped close competitor backlink gaps, boost page-level authority, and move high-intent assets into the top three organic search positions.
  5. Schema – We identified and created schema for important pages that helped trigger rich snippets and boost organic CTRs.


  • 106% increase in keywords ranking in the top three positions
  • 155% increase in organic traffic within 12 months

Virayo’s SEO strategy and execution has helped scale organic traffic and conversions. In just under 12 months, we more than doubled the number of top three rankings, and grew our monthly non-brand organic traffic by over 150%. Most importantly, this new traffic is driving qualified leads and sales to the business every month. If you’re looking for a strategic and hands-on SEO partner, I recommend speaking with the Virayo team.

Chad Connally

Senior Director, Digital and Creative Marketing,

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