Case Study

6x increase in qualified leads

ForUsAll is a leading provider of small business 401(k) solutions. The company reached out to Virayo at the end of Q1 2023 in search of a partner that could help increase qualified lead volume from organic search, and in the process, reduce reliance on expensive paid ad campaigns for pipeline generation.


  • Increase organic qualified leads
  • Reduce paid media dependence
  • Lower the average cost per qualified lead
  • Increase organic visibility for “safe harbor 401(k)” keywords
  • Rank #1 for buyer and payroll integration keywords


We built an SEO strategy that helped ForUsAll address important technical issues and rank for high intent keywords that generated consistent qualified pipeline each month.


  1. Technical content audit: We extracted all the “indexable” content from the site and assigned one of four page-level action items: keep, remove, improve, or consolidate. The goal was to eliminate any “dead-weight” content and competing assets, while flagging existing we could optimize for improved rankings, traffic, and/or conversions.
    Subfolder migration: We moved all the blog subdomain content back to the original subfolders so it could benefit from the authority of the root domain.
  2. Content optimization: We identified all the high-intent assets that had experienced ranking and organic traffic decay. Then, we created content outlines detailing updates that would help recover rankings. ForUsAll and Virayo both worked from these outlines to accelerate the content optimization process.
  3. Internal link audit: We provided internal link recommendations to strengthen topical relevance across key sections of the website.
  4. Keyword strategy: We conducted extensive competitor and customer-driven keyword research. We qualified each opportunity by rank potential and business value, and mapped each keyword to a specific content type — product, solution, integration, blog, etc.
  5. Content production: We helped ForUsAll scale content output by providing both content refreshes and new drafts.
  6. Link building: We built quality backlinks to high-priority assets that were not going to rank highly on content quality alone. This helped accelerate ranking movements across strategic keywords.


  • Doubled organic traffic in 10 months
  • 6x increase in qualified leads from organic search
  • Reduced paid media budget by 90%

In less than a year, Virayo has helped ForUsAll 6x the number of qualified leads from organic search, which has allowed us to reduce paid ad spend by 90% compared to a year ago. We’re now generating an all-time high number of qualified leads on a fraction of the marketing budget. Our partnership with Virayo has already delivered a significant ROI, and we’re excited for continued growth in the year ahead!

David Ramirez

CEO, ForUsAll

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