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Organic becomes the #1 source of new pipeline

CareAcademy is the leading online caregiver training platform for home care and home health agencies, assisted living facilities, and payors. The company partnered with Virayo to build an SEO strategy that would generate new pipeline and boost MRR.


  • Rank #1 for higher-intent training related keywords
  • Increase organic traffic to product, solution, and state requirements pages
  • Increase organic-attributed MQLs by 50%
  • Migrate blog from subdomain and increase organic traffic to the new subfolder location


We built an SEO strategy that would allow CareAcademy to minimize organic traffic loss during the initial blog migration phase and quickly increase organic visibility across high-intent pages. We also created a content roadmap that would help scale the growth of qualified organic traffic coming to the site each month.


  1. Content audit — We inventoried “indexable” content on the website and assigned one of four page-level action items: keep, remove, improve or consolidate. The goal was to eliminate any “dead weight” content, merge competing assets, and identify content that could be optimized for quick organic traffic gains.
  2. Keyword research and mapping — We conducted extensive competitor and topical keyword research and identified new opportunities for targeting CareAcademy’s ideal customer profile. We qualified each keyword by rank potential and business value, and mapped each keyword to a specific content type — product, training, solution, blog, etc. 
  3. Content outlines — We developed content outlines for new and existing assets. Each outline contained primary and secondary keyword targets, word counts, and reference links to help the client’s writing team work efficiently. We also reviewed each completed draft and provided recommendations for additional semantic terms, internal link placements, URL structure, titles, and meta descriptions.
  4. Content development — We helped CareAcademy’s internal content engine by providing drafts each month for specific keyword targets.
  5. Link building — We analyzed the site after every piece of content went live and provided internal link recommendations. In addition, Virayo built topically-relevant backlinks to key pages on the site. This strategy helped close competitor backlink gaps, boost page-level authority, and improve the rank potential of the site’s most important content.  


  • #1 rankings for the most valuable keywords, including “online caregiver training,” “hha training,” “home care training programs,” and a number of state-based training and compliance search terms.
  • Nearly doubled monthly organic traffic.
  • Grew the organic channel to be the number one driver of new pipeline.

Virayo was able to get us ranking in the number one position for our most valuable keywords. Now, organic search is one of our top pipeline generators.

Ashwin Choithramani

Senior Demand Generation Manager, CareAcademy

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