Client Spotlight


Flimp is a leading provider of digital communication and benefits decision-support solutions for employers, benefits
consultants, enrollers, and insurance providers.


Increase rank and visibility for high-priority keywords.


60 days

Key Results

3 new top 5 keyword placements

4 new top 10 keyword placements

3 new top 20 keyword placements

2 new top 50 keyword placements

Placed 12 new backlinks at high-traffic, high-authority websites

We got 12 (soon to be 16) backlinks across some specific topics (microsites, virtual benefits fairs, decision support tools), and we’ve seen keyword movement in each of those areas. We’ve had a bunch of new top 5 and top 10 placements in search rankings. We also have an extensive audit backlog for site-wide improvements and optimizations, but lacked internal resources to put a lot of it in action during the project. We’ll see continued improvement as we complete those action items.

Ross Simons

Director of Inbound Marketing, Flimp Communications